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What do we do?

We provide course development for your technology products. We can either develop new training courses or convert your existing courses so that they can be delivered in a remote training format. We specialise in designing online hands-on training so that your learners get real-world practical experience of using your solution.

Online training

Let's start with what we don't do. We don't offer a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover. We create interactive e-learning incorporating software simulations that deliver task-based training. We create a learning curriculum for each role and add the appropriate hands-on exercises and demonstrations required to deliver the training for that role.

Contact us for a demonstration.

How do we develop?

We develop our training using a standard ADDIE format. The first stage is to look at your branding details and guidelines to produce an appropriate template for your e-learning or remote training. In parallel, we analyse your training requirements and create 'Storyboards' incorporating the simulations and hands-on activities.

We then use a number of different tools to develop your training depending upon your requirements. Any e-learning is submitted to our customers using a review tool that allows them to leave comments and be part of the development process. It can then be hosted on a Learning Management System for your learners to access.


Remote training can be created in a similar way and demonstrated as part of the customer review process.

For technical information, we will need access to documents and subject matter experts, however, our training developers have a solid foundation in a range of technology areas including RF engineering, telecommunications, data-communications and cybersecurity.

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