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We specialise in providing remote technical training delivery and development for your products. We use the latest online classroom software that incorporates virtual machines, interactive video and software simulations. We develop cost-effective, simulation training that can be delivered as standalone learning or via a live instructor, allowing every learner to accomplish hands-on, practical tasks using your equipment or software.


Air Traffic Forecasting
Video Streaming and Television
Communication Tower
Data Communications
Cyber Security
Satellite and RF Engineering
Modern Office

Delivering Real World Training online

A number of techniques can be used to deliver practical on-line training. Dependent upon the solution, we can offer:

Software Simulations - These are a series of screenshots or short videos used to simulate a piece of software. As a user clicks on an area of the screen, the next screenshot or video appears. By grouping a number of different scenes together, the user can perform tasks as if they were using the real software. A series of guided tasks are used to teach students the nuts and bolts of your software before letting them try it for themselves. The simulations can be used as part of a remote classroom or incorporated into e-learning so your users can practice at any time and in any location.

Virtual Machines - Our remote training software allows users to incorporate virtual machines into their classroom. These can be reconfigured at the start of any class allowing students to work through a range of technical tasks.

Interactive Video - Interactive video is great for non-software training. Users can watch a video and click on hotspots to trigger additional information or even drill down into other video showing more detail. By building up a series of different videos you can train your users to perform larger practical tasks.



Course Conversion: We take your existing training courses and convert them for a simulated environment. This means converting any practical labs to a simulation, hosted VMware or interactive video. These can then be delivered via a remote classroom or via e-learning.

Course Development : We can take your existing documentation and create practical hands-on training for end users, administrators or technical support. Courses can be delivered via e-learning, remote delivery and instructor led training.

Course Delivery: We can even deliver your courses, either remotely or in person at any location in the world.

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